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Spring running

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Ah yes, spring is here (or close anyway). The days have been a lot warmer and I have even done my last two runs without the warmth of tights even having to strip down to just a single shirt. Pretty darn welcome I must say. Spring in Oregon brings some downsides though, mostly allergies. I think I have tracked it down to the pear blossoms for me, just kills me. But running does seem to help a bit. Today was the first really bad day for me and my headache is letting me know that the seasons are a changing. Still, I welcome the warmth, flowers and rejuvenation. Time to get my run on!

To top off my bodies reaction to the seasonal allergies I also have somehow managed to get bitten my a spider or something right at the top of my thigh. I have a faint welt about the size of a half-dollar and a considerable amount of pain similar to a bruise, Hasn’t kept me from running the last two days. I have acupuncture on Thursday maybe I’ll have her look at it.

Made another ms friend yesterday. Friend of a friend gave me a call to ask me some questions and just have someone to talk to. He has symptoms that are consistent with ms (as if consistency and ms could possibly go together.) He goes in for an mri today and then hopefully both he and his doctor will know more and he can plan a course of action. I wish him well.

Unexpected break

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Yesterday was the first time I had run in six days, not the best time for a break considering that I have my first race of the season coming up. I was in Seattle this weekend so I knew I wouldn’t be running Fri-Sun, then for some reason I didn’t run the two days before. To make things worse I drank way too much beer in Seattle (as well as milk in lattes, animals, perfume on the train and seasonal allergies) which all contributed to a major allergy break out. I have been sneezing and blowing my nose since Sunday. Ugh.

So yesterday I ran eight miles relatively slowly. My lungs were a bit congested from all the allergy crud, but it went well. Getting out and running seems to help with the allergies a bit. I think getting away from the animals and their dander helps too. Even though I feel somewhat worse today, I think I will try to get out and do another one today.

My plan for the week is to not overdo it before the 15K Shamrock Run on Sunday. I want to get my head clear before Sunday, but I am pretty worried about being able to do so. I am hoping to get at least three runs in before the race, but I don’t want any of them to be longer than six miles with maybe some speed work included. It really sucks to have worked so hard to get into racing shape and then just let it go a week before my first race. Oh well, I am not all that concerned about this one and plan to “run through it” and treat it like just another run.

Two more runs

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

I guess it is a good thing to be running more than blogging, it shows I am both running more and busy with work. I want to get back to blogging about every run, cause I know everyone is totally excited to hear about my same ole runs day after day!

Actually, they all seem to be somewhat different. Today despite it only being two runs in a row I was pretty tired. Still finished the entire run, but I took a little walking break going up the hill out of Reed though I did run most of it. Lately I have noticed a bit of insomnia on the nights I take rebif. I think what happens is I wake up having to go to the bathroom (thanks ms) and then I have trouble falling back to sleep. The other night I took an actifed (makes me sleepy) after I woke up and fell right back to sleep. So perhaps that is the solution.

Today the roads were all wet but I didn’t get rained on at all, must have happened right before I headed out. Everyone here is bummed that the rains have returned after our 4 days of warm weather. I on the other hand am actually really glad. Not only do I love the rain in general and the cool temps for running, but at this particular time of year I need it to wash away the plum blossoms that I am so allergic to. The running helps a lot with allergies, I always feel a lot better and clearer if I run over days I don’t.

My times are getting faster and faster. In the last couple of weeks I have trimmed off like 2-20 seconds per mile on average. Even today when I felt like I was plodding, I still kept my faster speeds up. I think some of it has to do with trying to relax my feet to avoid the foot pain I experience which I believe happens because I clench my feet when I run sometimes. So not only are my feet feeling better, but I am running more relaxed and faster. Good all the way around.