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Recovery run, sort of

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Today was a recovery day, but I say sort of as my HR was pretty high throughout. I finally decided that it may have not been meant to be and that I was actually running a lactate threshold run instead. LT pace will be about your 15k pace which should be about 12secs per mile slower than your 10k pace. The average pulse and speed during this event will be your LT speed and pulse. I have been thinking I should read up on threshold running and work more of it into my routine. The run today went pretty well and felt good also. I am feeling like I need to add something to my quality run – recovery run pattern that I have been doing quite a bit of lately. I am sort of feeling stagnated.

On other running news, more blog news, I just downloaded an app that will allow me to quickly post photos from my phone to the blog. A goal of mine has been to add photos to the blog to add a little interest. I could have done this before this app, but it was sort of a pain. Now it is super easy and I hope to add more in the near future.