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Evening run

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

I have usually been running in the mornings. I like to get up early and get it out of the way. I always feel this is a weird thing to say as I enjoy running so much. I guess it is sort of a love/hate relationship. Also I think I get used to it during the summers when mornings are so nice to run in compared to the heat of the day. The other reason for early morning runs is the traffic is lighter. I got hit by a car around 5:30 four years ago, so maybe that has a psychological part in my love of morning runs. I also like running through the Reed campus early as their first early class starts at 1:00, the poor kids need time to sleep it off. The other reason I like the early run is that as the day goes on I sometimes find it hard to fit it in especially when needing to coordinate with eating (and there is another reason to run early before breakfasting).

But yesterday the evening run (which was only as late as 3:30) worked out and off I went. I actually ran it really fast. Every run has had around 8.5 minute miles, but this one was the quickest. It was also sunny for a change, forcing me to break out the clip-on sunglasses. Nothing else spectacular happened on the run, but I am finding my conditioning picking up. I feel very ready for the half on the end of the month. My joints all feel good, my muscles feel active and my body hasn’t been feeling tired at all. Granted I have cut down on the long runs since I did the 15 miles which I think is a big part of it, but I am feeling really good right now. Lung thing is done, I am eating well and I am ready for the race.