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96 now, 56 when I ran

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

It is totally hot today. Good thing I went on my run at 6:30. After about 30 mins though it seemed like it went up about 15 degrees. I actually ended up pooping out at the end and cut it short by a mile, still a good tun at 8.5 mi although it was a slow one. My ankle was a little sore this morning but not bad at all. Certainly didn’t keep me in bed!

I found a pair of Mizuno Wave Runners in my size online at clearance, so I went ahead and bought them. Apparently Mizuno has discontinued the model which happens with running shoes all the time. It really bugs me. One of my favorite shoes, Aisics Gel Evolution, was discontinued and the replacement model was awful. I read several reviews on it after I bought it that came to the same conclusion.

I am in the middle of watching a good Thai movie called Ong-Bak that has a great parkour scene in it. You can see it here over at YouTube. The beginning of the video is a scene from the movie where the main character leaves the village to try to return the head of Ong-Bak, a statue of their Buddha deity. After 45 seconds or so, it skips ahead to the parkour stuff, which is a superb blend of running and martial arts.

Tomorrow I go to get a second opinion about my ms, not that I think they will say anything different.