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Windy hill run

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Ah I love running to Mt Tabor. Not only is it totally beautiful up there, but it is a fantastic workout as well. In an effort to get more accurate with my runs I have been mapping them on a site called You can check out today’s run here The satellite view gives you a good shot of the volcano (well its not as if you’ll see anyone getting sacrificed into a smoldering cauldron, but it is pretty there.)

I am noticing that I am straining something in my upper left leg, on the inside close to the groin, but it is not a groin injury (I think). I have been noticing it since my first couple of runs getting back from my cold. I think I am feeling the effects of overdoing it. Tonight I plan to lie down with an ice pack in my lap for as long as I can stand it anyway. I don’t think it is anything serious, just something to mention and watch.

So the more I run with the Mizuno Wave Rider 11s the less I like them. They 10s were supposed to be designed for cushion and the 11s seem really stiff and hard. Hopefully they will break in more as I keep running. I think I will have to find another model for my next pair. Must fight the urge to save money and go into a running store! They also seem more narrow than the 10s.

My food intake today consisted of three doughnuts, so I decided I needed a gel before my run to give me something to burn other than sugar and fat. It seemed to do the trick, Cliff Mango Shot energy gel. Don’t know that I will buy anymore of this flavor, but it wasn’t too bad.