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Smelling good

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

I finally broke down and purchased some special sports detergent, I couldn’t take the stink any longer. I am not sure what happens when you exercise as far as sweating goes, but apparently I excrete death. So, Sports Suds to the rescue. I am so far pretty impressed with the job this stuff does, my duds smell pretty much like new after one wash. I say pretty much as there was still a bit of a lingering odor, but for the most part the mildewyness is gone. Next up, my shoes.

I don’t wash my running shoes ever. I prefer the look of the grubby dirty shoe to the clean new shoe any day. It says I am a runner, not someone who just jumped into a pair of new shoes out for a doctor recommended run for the first time. New shoes look especially bad at the first of the year as now you take on the persona of the new year’s resolution runner destined to do it for a week and then retire the shoes to the back of the closet. So, give me the dirty shoes any day of the week. However, mine have reached the point where I want to do something. Its as if I am strapping on big smelly blocks of mud to my feet. Plus I want to try the Sports Suds on them and see how it works, especially when it comes to the odor elimination part. While I don’t keep my shoes inside the house, I do keep them in my office so smelling nice would be, well, nice.

Today I took my clean clothes out for the second 8+ mile run this week. If I can manage a couple more moderate runs I will be well over 30 miles for the week which is pretty much my goal mileage at the moment. I don’t want to go too far over that right now, but five runs a week of 6+ miles would be great, or three 6+ runs and a long run. Today felt pretty good, I was getting a bit tired near the end, but I finished strong with a faster than usual pace.

I just found a couple pieces of the wooden spoon I chipped up in the blender making my green drink. Gotta be more careful of that. Today’s recipe is not that good: apple, strawberries, two carrots, two kiwis and the requisite head of lettuce. It’s not sweet enough, and I think having a banana would have helped it a lot. I am also not sure if I really like the carrot, makes it a little too crunchy. The one I made before it wasn’t very good either, the mango I put in didn’t work very well and gave it sort of a yucky aftertaste. I want to try pineapple, I think that would be good. Another piece of advice that I took from Montel Williams is try different things in your drinks. He says the variety of ingredients not only provides interesting flavors but gives the body a bevy of vitamins and goodness. Maes sense, but then again a friend just told me a story about studies of people who don’t move from area to area and have consistent diets of only local fruits, veggies and meats all showed to have improved longevity and better health. Hmm.