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Four in a row!

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

So I finally managed to do my four runs in a row so I am officially back into the swing of running. Funny thing is I a going to Europe for 2 weeks and I know I will fall off my routine. So I have established my running just in time to slack off. But that is fine, I’ll consider it a rest period and then ramp back up again.

Last week was the second week in a row that I ran five days on with two days off. Both weeks I ran over 35 miles. I am feeling really good, I think this is a good amount for me to be doing if not a bit more than I should be doing. I have been feeling so good about the running that I am considering another marathon. With a proper ramp up I can do it no problem. I have been concerned about my feet and several issues I have been having, but those have seemed to work themselves out for the most part. I’ll see how they do with some long runs (15+ miles). This weekend my running partner and I did a nine mile run, the first 4.5 of which was uphill. We went from a running store in the 23rd St. shopping district up to Leif Erickson trail for another 3 miles before turning around and heading back. My running partner has gotten me into eating while running as an energy boost, the snack of choice has become peanut butter pretzels. What a great reward after 4-5 miles of running! 6-8 of them and I am ready to keep going. Now when I snack on them without running I feel guilty!

Today I headed into the rain. Our fall/winter weather is here. Rainy, windy. It wasn’t that bad. I have been fighting a slight cold and I was questioning whether or not I should even do it, but I decided I really should. I was bundled up and had my rain jacket on. In teh 6.5 miles I did, I never felt like I got too wet, so I think I was fine. Plus I think it is good to run when you feel under the weather. Certainly not a super long hard run, but a base run is just what the doctor ordered!