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Second post snow-pocolapse run

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Apparently that was what the cool kids were calling it, snow-pocolapse. Of course as soon as the news reported it all those kids who use the term became uncool, much like me.

I ran yesterday and deviated from my normal base run route a bit. I ended up with a similar mileage amount. It actually came up shorter than I had thought it was going to be. I kept thinking ok, I am getting some good miles in now. But then I looked at my watch and found out, nothing special. That’s ok with me.

I felt really sore yesterday both before and after the run. I guess it it just getting back into it after two weeks of not running. I considered going today, but I think I will take a day off and recuperate a bit. Plus it is raining like crazy out. I would like to run down the big hill to check out Johnson Creek, a creek that runs to the south of my house. With a rain like this combined with the snow melt it becomes more than a creek and often floods. I imagine that it would be really fun on an inner-tube!

One of the things I got in my goody bag from the Seattle marathon was a heavy rubber band for resistance exercises. I have figured out a couple and given my stomach and legs a pretty good workout. I just found a site that has several exercises that can be done with the band. It sort of freaks me out as I keep envisioning the band snapping. Perhaps that is what I get after years of tormenting my sister with rubber bands! I am curious to try some of these and work them into my routine. Mostly I want something to do while I watch TV to supplement my horizontal stretching.