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10k on Sunday, last race of the season?

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Its funny when I committed to running these three races earlier in the year it seemed like so much. I even left it open in the back of my mind to bag one or more of these races. Now that I have the two big ones done (Shamrock 15K and Race for the Roses half marathon) I am looking for more to do. The competition bug has bitten!

Racing with a group of people is a blast. I have become way more accepting of the fact that there are faster runners than me and I can just let them go. I don’t even care if I pass them up at the end or not. I have always embraced the concept of racing against myself only, but it has always bugged me a little bit to get passed. But the good thing about a race is that I am not the slowest runner there, so I get to pass people as well. Hasn’t seemed like I pass as many people as I did at the height of my racing shape when I did the Portland Marathon in 2006, but I still managed to leave fellow racers in the dust. But its still not about that, right? I am racing against myself and past performances. If I can set a PR, or even best my previous time, then I am feeling good.

This race coming up I am not expecting to set a PR. The first time I ran this race, I did it in 49 minutes. It was my second 10K and that time has held up as the best I have. I would love to beat it Sunday, but it is going to take a supreme effort to do so. I need a pace of less than 8 min miles to do it, egads! I am curious to see what I can muster for it.

This week I haven’t been pushing it miles wise. I think I will get another tempo run in before the race, hopefully on Friday and then take Saturday off for a rest day. I would like to run today but I have a pretty busy day. I was up early this morning and should have gone out, but I am still a bit tired after last nights seven miles up Lief Erickson. We went slow, but the first half is all uphill so it is a good workout.

I don’t think I will try to super hydrate for this race as it isn’t too far. But I will keep up the good diet and try to fuel up that way.

Time left ’til spring races

Monday, February 8th, 2010

I have five weeks before the Shamrock Run 15k and nine weeks until the Race for the Roses Half Marathon. What to do with those weeks? I want to keep between 30 and 40 miles a week, but more toward the 30 end. I think this week may well be my high mileage week this spring at 39.5 miles. So If I drop off my miles I would still want to do five weekly runs. If I keep my long Sunday run to around 10 miles, that leaves me with 25 or so to split up for the other four runs.

Possible workouts:
Monday – 5 rc
Tuesday – 7 AeT
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – 7 speed
Friday – 5 rc
Saturday – rest
Sunday – 10 lsd

tempo/hill week
Monday – 5 rc
Tuesday – 7 tempo
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – 6 rc
Friday – 6 hills
Saturday – rest
Sunday – 10+ lsd

Long tempo week
Monday – 5 rc
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – 9 tempo
Thursday – 5 rc
Friday – 6 aet
Saturday – rest
Sunday – 10 lsd

I think I will start out with an AeT/speed week (since last week was hills). This way I can do a long tempo the following week and get it lined up for Shamrock Run 15K three weeks after that to be the second long tempo run.

Then four weeks after Shamrock I have the Race for the Roses Half. I could spend those weeks building up mt LSD runs to get to 13 or so and a taper.

Four weeks of possible workouts pre-half:
March 15-21 Hills & 11 lsd
March 22-28 Speed/AeT & 12 lsd
March 29 – April 4 Tempo & 13 lsd
April 5-10 Taper
April 11 Race for the Roses Half

After the half I have two weeks before the Sean’s Run 10K which is going to be tricky to plan ahead for. I think I’ll a speed/AeT workout for teh first week, then a tempo/AeT workout the week of the race. I do think the race week should be light on effort/mile overall.

I say all this and it will probably change as the races come up. I am getting excited for it. It is like an actual season for me. I am seriously thinking about a July full marathon in San Francisco. What a great cap for a racing year.