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Weekly goals

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

Today is the start to my running week and I got it off to a good start with a solid 5 miler at 9:42 pace. The run could have been faster but looking at my run report I am really happy with the consistency of my pace (fastest mile 9:27, slowest 9:51), that’s only a 24 second difference!

I wanted to speak to my current goals for running. Overall I want to keep the running going for fitness reasons without any specific training goals. One thing I have done this year towards that was to shorten my avg running distance from 7-8 miles a run to 5 miles a run with the hope of being more regular about it. I have also embraced shorter runs (around 3 miles) on days I have been concerned about my energy level post run when I have rehearsals. I would like to keep my weekly totals around 20+ with a max of 30 miles a week. I don’t see a need to go beyond 30 and I think my knees will thank me (not to mention the rest of my body.)

I’ve really cut out the long run from my weekly runs and I’d like to get those back into the rotation as well as the occasional track workout. If I could do either once a week I’d feel successful!

My goals overall are very light, but I think that is ok