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Hard time getting back into the swing of things

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Since being sick basically put me out of commission for a couple of weeks I have been having a terribly hard time getting back into it. I think the biggest challenge has been having to run in the dark in the mornings. I’m not a big fan of that at all. I have a green blinking light that I wear on the back of my hat and an orange reflective running jacket. But it still feels sketchy, plus I worry about uneven sidewalks and all sorts of things not easily seen in the dark. Monday I couldn’t get out of bed, just wanted to lay there. Yesterday I decided at 3:00 to not get up. The rebif had caused a monster fever that plagued me all night. Right after going to bed I had the worst chills. It was incredible, I just could not warm up. Later, my cough came back a bit and every time I would succumb my fever would explode. The fever issue with rebif is odd, sometimes I don’t feel a thing, and others I do. I don’t understand the inconsistency. I’ll have to look for things in my diet that might be causing it.

I am just about ready to commit to the Seattle half-marathon on Nov 30th. I am pretty sure that in five weeks I can get back to where I was cardio-wise. My buddy in Seattle who I would stay with wants to go to a show the night before. I think I could do the half with limited sleep as long as I didn’t drink the might before. I am still torn though. Paul really wants to go to the show (and so do I – Sea and Cake – but a big part says it is foolish to try. But maybe not.