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Two more different runs

Monday, October 27th, 2008

I ran yesterday afternoon and this morning. Two completely different runs. Yesterday I ran in the afternoon which I rarely do, mostly because of my schedule. It was surprisingly warm out and I decided to run a totally different route just to try it out. It was sort of a variation on a run I had done in the past but didn’t like so much as it went down a busy street. So to avoid the street I ran a bit further north past a track I used to go to that I can no longer get into cause they have it all locked down. It was a weird track too, more circular than a standard track. but anyway I digress. As it turned out the run was a bit shorter than I had thought. I was looking for something around 6+ and it turned out to be just over 5, so I’ll need to figure out how to add a little bit to it. It also seemed a lot longer than that, the run just dragged on and on. Even the football game I was listening to didn’t make the time pass quickly. I was totally pooped after it and for the last couple miles or so. I guess it could be the heat (though it wasn’t that hot somewhere around 60). Or I could have just been a bit worn, though no real reason for that.

So this morning I went on a run I do quite often through East Moreland and the canyon. I have done this run hundreds of times and know every step it seems. The run was about two miles further than the previous one, but it seemed like it went so much quicker and I didn’t drag at all, at least like the day before anyway.

So it got me thinking more about how things we do in patterns create a sort of muscle memory (be it physical or mental) and how this affects ms. So far it seems to me that this sort of repetition allows the brain to send its signals more smoothly through the de-mylenated areas. Why that is I have no idea, but that’s my theory and I am sticking with it. I wonder how this effects perception of time passing?