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Sick week of rest

Monday, April 6th, 2015

When I say that I really mean it, I really was sick. It seems the allergies caught up with me and I have been fighting a nasty head cold and sinus hell all week. I felt a lot better last night and this morning I thought I might go for a run. I even put on my compression shorts instead of regular underwear. But as the morning wore on I thought better of it and decided to take another day off, plus I needed to go food shopping and that is about all I could deal with! My hope is to try again tomorrow. Hopefully…

Sick and quick

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

I am a huge proponent of the concept of listening to your body. If your body says don’t do something you probably shouldn’t. This goes against the nike logic of “just do it” and listening to your body has the potential to keep one from doing what they should and want to do. Our bodies and minds should be the best indicator of whether or not we should or can do something. Our bodies and minds should know better about most things than any doctor, real or googled. If only we’d just listen.

So today I woke up from a crumby night’s sleep after an evening when I overate late with the feeling of a cold’s onset squeezing my head like a dog’s squeaky toy. I hadn’t run yesterday and I didn’t want to start falling into the pattern that I have been of late of missing several days, then weeks, then… in a row. So against my better judgement, with my body saying don’t run and head throbbing from sinus pressure, I geared up and walked out the door to hit the streets. How does this jive with my emphasis on listening to my body? Doesn’t. At all. Obviously the decision to run was a blatant slap in the face of my exercise/health philosophy. But my desire to run had won out. Valid mind and body arguments to take it easy be damned! So I decided to embrace the fool-hardy nature of pushing my body and just go with it. What the hell, a slow sloggy run would at least amount to something good. If I took it easy on my run, then maybe the destruction I would wrought wouldn’t be so bad. I had some good arguments in mind as I took those first initial steps along my route.

The first thing I should say is that it was a beautiful day out. The kind of day that has no place in the Pacific NW in early March. The kind of day that we and the region will be paying for this summer when the droughts hit from no winter rain/snow. But for the moment (and aren’t we all supposed to live in the moment? Who cares if it rocks right now?) So embracing the now and ignoring the future I relished the warmth and soon stripped off my jacket after the first mile or so. My pace at the start of the run felt ok. Nothing great but it certainly didn’t feel “sloggy” (whatever that is?) I took a peak at my watch and it said I was clipping along at 9:15 pace! WTF? I am supposed to feel crappy. Why am I moving so well? I thought it was an anomaly, perhaps brought on by the slight downward slope into East Moreland. Then my first mile past and I got notice from the watch that I had done it at 9:36. Huh? Second mile came through even quicker as I was now embracing my quickness rather than a potential bonk, 9:18. Damn, I was cooking, so I just kept it up. Third mile – 9:18 again. Consistency seemed to now be the word of the day. Great, but my fourth mile was coming up, a normally slower paced portion of my normal route due to some twists and turns, exhaustion and unaware students at reed. All I had to do was keep it up until the hill out of the reed campus and up to Woodstock. I had decided that would walk that as I have been prone to do of late. I hit the hill portion with a few tenths to go before I hit a mile marker to check my pace and what did I see?



After the walk up the hill I just had to crush the final mile. The first portion of it was up hill and the watch said I was on track for an 11 minute mile. While I would certainly come in under 10 (first time in awhile) I really wanted better, so I pushed it. It didn’t take long before my avg pace dipped below 10, then below 9:30. And as I made my way through Woodstock Park and the fifth mile clocked I was at 9:14. Wow. The last quarter mile back to the house dropped me even further overall as I managed a 8:21 pace (didn’t seem like I was trying that hard, I just mostly wanted to get home). Overall for the day, a 2015 PR on 10k(ish) of 48:18 with an avg pace of 9:20.

All I have to say is that today my mind and body listened to me instead of the other way around. I had no idea I was speaking so loudly.

What’s next? Sick?

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Dang it, yes. But the good news is that I was really only down for a few days with a nasty cold though it sure wanted to convince me it was the flu. Best cure for a cold? Downton Abbey is massive doses mixed with equal parts sleep. Boom! Finished season three and kicked the cold! Well for the most part anyway. Today I went for a second run since feeling better. My first day back was rough, I was really feeling the reduced lung capacity and the hills out of reed pushed my HR up to 181, thigh highest I have seen in a long while. But I made it through my six mile base route though a tad slowly, but thats ok. The main thing to me was getting through the run and doing it with not feeling so hot. It is so easy to procrastinate running while waiting to feel 100%. I think that if my lungs can handle the activity, that I can go ahead an run through an illness, just maybe at a reduced level (umm, no 180+ HR counts please…)

Today I headed out again on another base run, this time in the pouring rain. My pace was much better today and I felt a good amount of energy throughout the run. I am a little tired afterwards but not nearly as bad as I was Monday. MY overall HR was pretty high -153 avg- but I felt strong. And my pace was good, sub 10 min miles. Running while recovering from sickness can be really hard, but I am always so glad when I have done it. Yesterday I wanted to run and didn’t, which was probably not a bad thing, but I was a bit bummed out I didn’t get out (especially with today’s steady rain!) I think it is the attitude boost that is most important to help me regain health. Pretty much how I think running affects my thoughts on ms.

I sometimes wonder about the negative affects of the exertion. If I am so wiped out after a run does that do more bad than good? I think it depends. On the one hand I think the body needs rest most of all to recover from sickness. On the other the emotional (as well as physical) benefits to running when you don’t really feel like it are huge. Feels like a big accomplishment to have gotten up for a run. I also think it it is good to clear out crud from my lungs. I may not be the most social runner when I am hacking and spitting through the miles, but I know it does some good. At least as long as the air outside isn’t too cold and especially if it isn’t super dry out (ahh some good reason to run sick in the rain!) Hot shower when done feels especially good as well!

I am looking forward to some healthy running coming up soon!

Running sick

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

As much as I hate to admit it to myself, I am sick. I think it is just a chest cold and nothing too serious. The weird thing about it is I feel worse at night and in the morning, but once I get up and going I feel a lot better and more energized. Also I haven’t really been too congested either and despite a cough I feel like I can breath pretty easily. I have always been an advocate for running while sick as long as you don’t push it. Yesterday I did just that, run that is without the push.

I actually surprised myself with how easily I was able to do it. Even though the air was really cold and dry my lungs didn’t burn nearly as much as I thought they might. As I started out I wasn’t sure how far I would go, but I ended up doing my base 10k distance. And even though I went slowly I still picked my pace up a bit from what I have been doing lately. Still haven’t broken the 10 min mile mark recently, but I’ll get there I am sure.

Clothing wise I sort of over did it with the layers and decided not to remove any as the run went on. I think keeping myself rightly wrapped up was a good warming technique. I could have used a warmer cap, but a bandanna and running hat was good enough.

I think overall that running while ill was good for me. I felt a lot better after and more energized throughout the day. I don’t think I would have been able to do it if my breathing had been compromised any further. I also haven’t had any body aches (like from flu-like symptoms) and I think that aslo may have stopped me. I really want to get out there again today, but I don’t think I will. Maybe later in the day will be good, we’ll see.

Shamrock Run 2010

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

I road the bus down 45 minutes before the 15K race expecting problems exchanging Joao’s chip for mine, but not it actually went really smoothly. I tried to see if any L or XL shirts showed up which was a no. But after hearing how small they were I decided to try an XXL, it was definitely big! I dragged it over my inside short sleeve shirt and I tied my long sleeve shirt around my waste. It was still chilly but I knew it wouldn’t be for long.

Time for the races, the 5K was first and had so many entrants that the very last stranglers to cross the start line had to move out of the way for the winner crossing the finish line with a 15:40 time. Man that’s fast. There were a number of guys crossing right behind him too. Phew!

The walkers were next and headed out in the opposite direction. Next up and pretty close to on time it was the 15K when I headed down Naito towards the start. They sent us out in waves which worked pretty well. We were all separated out by our pace, so the start went really smoothly and as quick as I ever had in a big race I was at my pace and we were on our way.

I warmed up with a 9:28 pace for my first mile which was probably too fast (as usual), my second mile was a slightly faster 9:26. The hills started at the star of mile three and my third mile was a still pretty consistent yet slightly slower 9:29. My HR started rising during the second mile and really cranked up for mile 3 through 5 as we climbed for three and a half miles or so. Miles 4 and 5 were a bit slower, but again still consistent as I dropped to high 9:4os. The hills were brutal but I was determined to keep pace and not let up. There were a couple of times  I thought about walking for a bit as my lungs were heavy but I persevered. My hill ego is still pretty high from teh work I have done this winter (pay off time!)

Mile six finally gave us some downhill and my pace crept up to 9:22. My HR was still pretty high averaging between 169 and 167 for miles 6-9. My pace for miles 7 through nine crept up form 9:12 to 9:02. The final bit .44 miles by the watch and I picked up the pace to make my 90 minute goal and did coming in at 88:30. My HR averaged 177 and nit 183 fr the second time in the race (also did once in the hills in mile 4 (supprised me when I saw it as I felt pretty good though totally pushing it)).

I gobbled several sharkies and sport beans I brought with me. I also took a gel at mile 7 which I almost decided against doing, but I thought what the heck. I drank maybe 75% of my water.

I dropped my mp3 player at one point, but fortunately there weren’t a ton of people behind me so no one stepped on it. I was worried about losing the $20 bill I had in my water bottle carrier, but I managed to keep it the whole race and then spent it on a happy Street Roots paper vender.

Overall I liked the race. It is always fun to run with so many people, the 21,000 runners made it the largest race I have ever done. I wish I had a better fitting shirt, but I’ll live. I am pretty happy that I was able to get past the health issue and still do the race. I never felt like  I was over-doing it. I had decided I wouldn’t worry about quitting if I had to. I bet I was breathing pretty heavily during the race as my lungs were a bit congested and I did my share of coughing (though not that bad). Right now  I feel tired but pretty good!

Morning of the Shamrock Run

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Despite the race’s best efforts to stop me and my own as well, I am awake, fully hydrated and ready to run. Overall I am am feeling about 80% health wise, but I am going to give it a shot. I hope I can get my actual bib number and chip timer. But if not I’ll run as Joao. The temperature is a little chilly and it is totally dark out with the DST. My sleep came really easily last night, I probably got the best sleep I have ever gotten before a race. Perhaps because I am not really going for a goal on the run (to me more of a “run” than a “race”) and since it is my first ever 15K, I am guaranteed a personal best!

I’ll let you know later how it goes.

Disorganized Shamrock Run

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Grrrr, so far I am not impressed with the race. I could of sworn it was a Nike event, but early bib pickup was at the Adidas campus in North Portland. The website spoke of the police helping out with traffic, I didn’t see any out but plenty of traffic. The website also spoke of plenty of signs. I saw one. I bet the people at the front desk of the retail store were awfully tired of having to give directions. Maybe not, they seemed like the were enjoying themselves.

So I enter the building with the actual bib pickup. I had three people in front of me for the 15K, not bad at all. The buy spends forever searching for my last name FUS (yeah alphabetically it is usually last), actually it was second to last (sense the impending doom? cue dark opera music…) So I get my bib and had overheard the instructions to get the T-shirt which required another wait in line, this one however (at least the one for Mens L, the mens XL and womens M lines were also really long, like 50 people long. So the lines are clearly not marked and the mob is doing its best to figure it all out. And it is moving rather quickly too. I think this is good. Until I realize it is because they are telling us the Mens L and XL shirts and Women’s M shirts are all out, please go over to the lost and found and fill out a form to redeem a shirt at the Adidas employee store when they print some more in mid April. Boooooooo! That was it, I didn’t need another shirt after all.

So out I go to the car and we are driving back when I notice that I have been given the wrong bib packet. Its not so much that I really care about my time, I feel bad for Joau Furtado who is going to have to receive my time! I tried to find someone to call about it and found no contact information on anything I got or their website. So I guess I will go do the day of race bib check in and see if they actually have mine (which is sure to be the last one in the box (not the second to last after all)).

So on top of being sick a bit still, I am really feeling like I don’t want to do this race. I told my wife that maybe the fates are trying to tell me something, she responded maybe they are trying to challenge me.

Yay, some health has returned!

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Another good nights sleep rewarded me with feeling much better today. Certainly I feel better than I expected to. So today I am off to the Adidas campus (oddly we were supposed to do this at the Nike campus…) to do my bib pickup. I could have done t day of race, but this will be so much easier (plus I won’t have to lug my shirt around). So I am going to give it a shot tomorrow. I’ll have my phone with me if I need to quit and bag the race (yeah right!) so I am sure I will be ok.

My race has an 8:40 start so not too early. I just realized that daylight savings time is tonight as well so I am losing an hour of sleep. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate daylight savings? Growing up in Arizona I didn’t ever have to deal with it. You have to give it up for AZ govt, they got that one right. So I’ll head up to Foster to pick up the bus downtown, since it is Sunday my normal bus won’t be running. The walk/run to the stop will be a good warm-up.

I am hoping to not have to wear tights, though I just might anyway. Today is bearable and tomorrow is supposed to e warmer so hopefully I won’t need them.I think I will go with two shirts, long sleeve on the outside so I can strip it off and tie it around my waste. I’ll bring a couple of gels and a pack of sharkies along with my water bottle and maybe a protein bar for after (though they should have a ton of snacks at the finish line.) My only real goal is to finish the race in under 90 minutes which would be a 10 minute mile pace which is super slow for me but I am positive I can handle it. My best case scenario is under 80 mins which would get me up to a 9 minute mile pace. We’ll see, I have to finish first!

Feeling sick

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Ugh, the allergies have turned into a cold or flu thing that seems like it is moving into my chest. Two days until my first race and I am having some serious doubts about whether or not I can or should do it. I actually think I still may be able to run it, just run through it and do an easy pace; 70% of max HR maybe as a target? I have done two runs since coming back from Seattle and I am now thinking I won’t do another until the race (if I do it).

I have been drinking a lot (airborne and tea) and trying to eat warm foods on the advice of my future acupuncturist. She recommends nothing raw though I still think I’ll drink my green drink (actually this batch is all fruit and no veggies, I really need to go to the store.)

I have also been doing some stretching to hopefully help keep limber. I was really sore this morning, sort of achy. Our run last night was really slow so I am pretty sure that had little effect on my muscles. I rubbed in some arnica gel and that seemed to help.

I’m sick, can’t run

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

And no it is not a hangover from the Super Bowl. Even though I did watch my favorite team win, I did it from bed. No beer, but I did manage to eat some junk food and a pizza!

Oddly all of a sudden on Saturday I was just hit out of the blue with nasty flu like symptoms. I think I may have graduated from just symptoms to a full on case of the flu. Good news is I feel better today, but it is certainly still hanging all over me. I have noticed that this year (my first rebif year) that I have gotten sick more times than not. My neurologist insisted that it affects/suppresses a different part of the immune system, but as my GP says it doesn’t truly matter how you are supposed to react to a drug and instead it is the clinical reality that shows the real truth. In other words medicines perform differently on different people. Of course affecting immune systems seems like a pretty major thing to be willy-nilly affecting, so maybe she is right. But I have been exposed to less people (which could also be the problem) this year, I’ve gotten better sleep and had less stress in my life. I still think it is the rebif. Plus why was it recommended by a blogger (ok yeah, what do we know, seriously?) that as a ms person needs to get a flu shot. I have never gotten one in the past, then again I am getting older…

Well, I hope to be back running soon, but maybe not this week. Course I will get itching to go and I will end up running before I am healthy enough. I know I will. We’ll see.