Running in the cold

Last night in a brave attempt to beat the cold and our dwindling weekly runs my running partner and I hit the roads for a six mile evening run. We even unbeknown to either of us, celebrated the holiday season by bedecking ourselves in red and green blinking lights. Off we went to stave away the 22 degree night, me with five upper layers, she with three.

We tried for a slow pace and were successful, ending up doing a 10:10 pace. At about four miles into it as we started to cross the west bridge over the Reed canyon and onto campus. The run started getting tough for me. I have been battling a chest thing that is annoying but hasn’t affected my lower lungs and has allowed me to keep running (except for the last two days). But I kept with it and pushed through. We slowed down a little for our climb past the art dept and through the east field up to Woodstock. Both of us are doing this part stronger now, we have yet to walk any part of it.

So my five layers tonight. I started out with a tight breathable shirt made out of “rubber band” material (as my friend calls it). Good for the cold, bad for public… Then I added a cool max running shirt, then a thin fleece shirt, next my warm weather running shirt. Lastly I wrapped all of this in my running wind jacket, bright orange reflective fabric to aid out holiday display.

Tops weren’t the only layers I had. I considered wearing two sets of tights, but settled for one for which I was really glad as halfway though the run I felt like I had too much on as it was. I only wore one pair of running socks, but my running partner donned two including a wool pair which she really likes for keeping her feet warm. I did layer when it came to my gloves wearing a breathable pair of Manzellas under a wind shell pair. My hands were fine the entire run. For headgear I wore my balaclava and a hat (to which I attached my green blinking light. She wore an ear-warming band and a fashionable buff. We were sufficiently bundled, but I think I had a few too many top layers on. Halfway through I could have easily stripped off the fleece (or left it home) but it was too cold to stop and remove layers to get to it. Next time I need to think more about removal strategy!

We ended our run at a great local restaurant for a drink and dinner partly negating the caloric benefit of our run (the cake I had after I got home really did the damage). Our trip home from Toast was super cold, damp clothes and full bellies adding to the 19 degrees it was by that time. It was a great run, (and I am giggling to myself as I actually type this) a courageous run (maybe outrageous is a better word.) Feels good to brave the extreme cold every once in awhile, but I couldn’t do it everyday.

Did I get up this morning for another? Um, no.

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