Short run on the waterfront

And by one of my favorite sections of the waterfront, from Steel Bridge to Alber’s Mill. I kept us running slow so it was a pretty easy run, though I always push my pace a bit when I run with my running partner. It was pretty chilly this morning but I managed without tights. I have been slowing us down lately on our runs together. My running partner has been really working hard on her cross training and swimming and so far she has been running at a fast pace during her build-up after her leg injury. It was a good run and we added on a good walk after our 3 miles.

I felt a bit bad today not doing Portland’s ms walk. I din’t wear orange either, which I guess is now our color? Glad I like it. There were a lot of people out for it today. Kind of funny that for most of the day they were just in my way. But I am really glad all you ms walkers came out today. I have to say it wasn’t advertised very well, at least they didn’t reach me about the event until a couple weeks ago in passing in an article. I actually forgot it was today until a bunch of girls got on my bus with faces painted with ms suxz.

The frequency of my runs has been really high. Today marked three running days in a row, seven of the last eight. Most of them have been shorter runs of 3-5 miles. I probably won’t run tomorrow (but I might) since I have a long rehearsal tomorrow night.

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