Four runs, four days

Today I did a recovery run that marked the fourth day in a row I have run. This has always been my benchmark for getting back into running. Over the last couple months I have gotten close a couple of times (three days in a row twice) but never got to the fourth for one reason or another. So today, I finally made it over the hump. I am ready to embrace running again! Not that I ever really didn’t, but my enthusiasm has been diminished this spring.

Yesterday after I blogged the last post, I went out on one of my base 10k runs. I started out pretty fast and decided heck I may as well keep my pace going. I ended up running sub nine min miles for the first three miles. Then, pooped, I stopped the tempo portion and just coasted out the final 3+. The fast portions went really well, but I was exhausted for sure. It did feel prety good to get some speedwork in. This was another run after an injections where I felt extra energy. I wish I knew if that is really a side effect to the rebif or if it is a mental increase to my energy levels.

Today I just did a 5 mile recovery run. I tried really hard to keep my pace under 144 (my 70% recovery ceiling HR) and I more or less failed miserably. I was able to bring my HR down to that level several times but my avg was 150 and I really felt that is where I hovered for most of the run. Running four days in a row could have a little bit to do with that, but I think I have just lost a significant amount of my base fitness. The good thing is that it gives me something to improve upon that I can see immediate results for. I still plan on doing more quality runs and staggering them with recovery. Maybe I’ll read my HR training book again to get some inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Four runs, four days

  1. I’ve been reading your blog with a great deal of interest and wanted to thank you. I’m living in MS limboland right now, without a diagnosis but with a lot of symptoms.
    And yet, I can still run. It’s amazing really. I never was a fast runner, but I’ve done 3 marathons and a few halves. When I fist got sick last year, I though that would be it for my running. But ever so slowly, I’ve gotten back to it, and it is honestly the only time I feel ‘normal’. My neurologist said to keep doing what I’m doing, and so I have.

    My non-running friends can’t understand how I can be too tired to make it through a day, but yet still run. It’s nice to read the blog of someone who surely understands.

  2. Hi, I’m really glad you are still running, that is awesome. Keep it up and I’ll join you! I kick myself for not writing more often, but I try! Wow ms limboland, that must be rough. I know they won’t diagnos ms until you experience multiple symptoms or flare-ups. I was “lucky” enough to have my first (optic nueritus) fifteen years before I was diagnosed. It’s been four years since then symptom free, so you might be waiting around for a long time. Well I totally agree that you are doing the right thing with your running. I think it is really the best medicine I take, though I think my rebif has helped (kinda).

    Well I hope you keep reading and I’ll keep writing. If you ever want to write, please do!

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