Nice run between squalls

We are supposed to have a ton of rain this weekend, like a record ton. I woke up to wet roads, but it didn’t seem like it was that bad. In fact when I went out I left my hat at home. Normally this would be a death sentence and I would have been drenched after a few blocks , but I got the entire run in without eve getting rained on. The crazy rains never hit until after I got out of the shower. So glad to watch rather than experience directly!

Today was the third run in a row. After my fast lactate run on Thursday I had an understandably sluggish run Friday. In addition to being a tad tired I had just eaten less than an hour before which I initially thought was enough time for digestion. Considering I did my rebif shot that morning I figured that I would get the usual boost I get from it, but I didn’t. It wasn’t a bad run, just sluggish. Today I was also tired, but I went for it despite the feeling. I surprised myself how well the run went. I wasn’t super fats but was under 10 min miles for all five+ miles. It was also warm enough outside to wear shorts with no tights which was a welcome change.

I am really like my new Altras – One 2.5. They are feeling really good on my feet. I do notice that the padding on the forefoot is really thin, but if I focus on landing flat on my feet it feels really good. The initial soreness I felt for the first run hasn’t returned so that is pretty awesome.

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