Damp stomp

I’ve missed a couple of days mostly due to not having time to fit in a run but also due to rain, rain, rain. Normally I can deal with it, but it is that time of year when Oregonians get sick of swimming through our daily lives. Still, just an excuse for me and one I’ll work through. Today’s run started out really fast with my first mile logging in around 9:06. I followed this with three more miles around the same time give or take a few seconds. I don’t have the exact numbers as my Garmin still isn’t properly uploading my times out of my Forerunner 405, lame. On the “positive” side the duct tape I used to repair the band is still holding up. Ok, enough bitching about Garmin for today. The run was great and I was feeling really good about the times for the first four miles. They were tough and after mile 2 I was feeling it but I pushed on. After four miles I walked up the hill out of reed and then continued for another 1.25, my pace was not quite as fast but the final miles came in under 10 min miles. Overall a great run and one that makes me feel good about where I am at physically. It seems I haven’t lost too much of it!

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