Good, bad, good…

The last three days I have had a mixed bag of running experiences. The two good runs definitely out-weigh Thursday’s disaster, so that is a good thing!

Wednesday I decided to break out of my mini-break from running due to scheduling issues. I had a rehearsal that night, so I only did a short run. Nothing spectacular, but I call it a good run as I felt pretty solid in rehearsal. I din’t totally fade beyond the usual fade of a two hour soul rehearsal.

Thursday I headed out later than normal and I don’t think I had eaten nearly enough or hydrated properly and it showed. I was also over dressed and really warm. I had to take many walking breaks to get through it. I thought about trying to push through the malaise, but it just didn’t seem worth it to me. It was just one of those days when I wasn’t feeling it, and I thought it was a good thing that I recognized it. Oh, and my watch wasn’t fully charged and I lost a quarter mile (for some reason) on my first mile. With no stats to read, I was doomed! So I accepted my fate and headed home.

Today’s third-in-a-row run was much much better. I felt tired, but not nearly like I did yesterday. I also gobbled half of an Odwalla bar beforehand to make sure I was at least slightly fortified. Seemed to help quite a bit. Also, today was a rebif day, so I was feeling the boost I often feel from my shot. I almost managed a sub 10 min mile, but ended up coming in just above that. I felt pretty strong throughout, nothing spectacular, but still solid. I did walk the hill out of reed, but that was my only slowdown. My one mistake today was over-dressing again, by the end of the run I felt like I did when I ran the Portland Marathon (which started out on a cold morning and ended in the sun) and had all sorts of gear tied around my waist.

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