Fast running

My last two runs have been pretty fast for me, both sub 10 min mile paces. Today was almost an end to that. I was feeling really good at the start, my first mile felt great and really quick. I was about to hit the mile mark when I looked at my watch to see 9:15. I was really psyched! Then I noticed that the distance showing was .85 miles. Something must have happened (again, it appears that my watch has developed a mind of its’ own and I disapprove!) The miles after that seemed to be accurate, all coming in under 10. So even with that oddity (er, short-changing) on the first mile I still managed to come in under 50 mins for five miles. Boom! Even with the glitch I was still running less than 10 min miles. I am not trying to run faster necessarily. Actually quite the opposite. I have become way less concerned with PRs and much more concerned about the wear and tear on my body. My feet have still been protesting quite loudly, but my hope is to keep that discomfort down to a minimum.

The last week or so has been somewhat disappointing running wise. I had a stiff neck after working out too hard the other week. So I decided to take a little break and let the stiffness and pain subside. Couple that with a busy music week and I haven’t gotten nearly the miles in that I wanted to. The soul band kicked off our kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new full-length record. Just what I need, more music to keep me from running! It’s all about the balance…

I am feeling a bit of tightness in my upper thigh on the left side, hopefully it will go away with a bit more stretching later. Maybe I will even ice it a bit after a band meeting tonight (at least I am not rehearsing). I am sure pushing the speed this morning has a lot to do with that, but I really wanted to go fast!

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