Not so fast, fast, faster, fastest!

That was my last four days of running. It’s odd cause usually four runs in a row would yield the opposite order. But no this week. I started Sunday at a 10:17 pace and ended the string with a 9:19 pace. The run today felt great, the whole time it was as if nothing was holding me back. No air resistance, no tired muscles, no sore feet (well honestly that did come later, but I am finding myself getting through it better lately, imagining my feet as cotton balls a trick I picked up from Qi Running to will away joint pain and stress.) In the same backwards pace order vain this run almost had each mile be quicker as well, something that rarely happens anyway, but in my regular route which saves the hills for the end it’s extra strange. But I’ll take it. Tomorrow I may try something I don’t think I have ever done: run five days in a row. I am already surpassing a recent goal of 20 miles a week and I don’t necessarily want o creep up on my self-set max miles of 30 a week, but then again a heavy running week has not been something I have been doing as of late. Still I need to regulate and I may end up doing just that.

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