Today’s run started out to be sort of a recovery run after the LSD run I did previously. But since I had taken a day off in between then and today I wasn’t firm about my choice. Unfortunately, as I was thinking I would do the recovery run, I didn’t bring any water with me (jeez this is starting to sound like a familiar refrain, isn’t it.) But despite the lack of water I found myself running pretty fast, my first mile came in at just over 9 minutes. So I thought to myself “that’s the fastest first mile I have done in awhile, why not make this a tempo run.” So I did.

My second and third miles both came in under 8 minutes. The second mile felt really good and I felt strong throughout. The third mile was a different story. I really struggled but about halfway through I rededicated myself to keeping a fast pace. I had to do that again at 3/4s, but it worked and my third mile was actually a few seconds faster than the second. But that is where the party ended and I slowed down considerably for the fourth mile. I was really tired and missing that water. But I kept on and actually got a bit reinvigorated once I was in the canyon.

My runs in the canyon are usually a bit slower. The terrain is variable and it usually is much more humid there. I find myself struggling quite a bit. And to top it off I like to go slower cause it is so beautiful there. But not today. I flew over the dirt trails, leaped over obstacles and avoided walkers. My pace was quite a bit slower than the tempo speeds, but was still not slow. As I came out of the canyon I kept up the pace and pushed it out of the campus as well. The last two miles ended up being tempo runs of their own right, albeit slower.

Overall I came in with an average speed of 9 minute miles, which doesn’t sound too fast (and well lets be honest, it isn’t!) but it was for me today and I feel like I worked extra hard. In addition I have been adding a new exercise to my post run workouts. Facing a life long shame of not being able to do pull-ups I have decided to try to do something about that. For the last couple of days I have gone to the park on my runs to try to do some with no success and further embarrassment. But I am not going to let that get in the way (too much anyway) and I have discovered that I can do them on the cross beam above my porch. I am enjoying the added privacy! Still can’t do them. I have decided to rename my pull-up exercises as a hang-down as this more accurately reflects what is going on! But I am feeling it in my arms and shoulders, so I’ll keep it up.

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