Cold runs

As is typical for the winter runner, I have been trying hard to get my runs in with the cold weather. Last year the coldest day I ran featured temperatures of 22 degrees F. Pretty darn chilly. The cold air is hard on the lungs and even tougher on my skin, particularly my lips.

Here is my typical running wear for those extra cold days:
Lip balm
Regular running shirt followed by a cold-weather long sleeve
Heavy log sleeve insulated running shirt
Tyvek-like running jacket
Balaclava (or bandanna for slightly less cold days) topped with my running cap
Compression shorts topped with running tights and finally my running shorts
I am still wearing ankle socks, cold ankles seem to have less issue with injury but I hear wool socks are great as well (my running partner swears by hers)
Gloves (plus wind shell if windy or extra cold)

All this makes for a pretty large load of laundry after only a few runs, price we pay for insanity eh?

I haven’t had an issue with the cold air this year. Last year I remember dealing with a cough after being sick. The cough would get worse in the cold air and I would find myself having to periodically stop and cough a bit before going on. It got especially difficult when I would stop at corners for traffic, if I kept running it didn’t seem to be an issue. This year I have managed to avoid catching a cold so far and my breathing has been fine. I find that wearing the balaclava and breathing through the material helps, but it is hard to keep doing it especially with foggy glasses.

One of the difficulties I find with NW winter running is frozen puddles especially those hidden under leaves. The dreaded black ice can be treacherous as well. All I can say is watch out for it and make sure you are landing on stable ground.

Running in snow can be interesting. Slow but exhausting as you end up having to high step through it. I tend to avoid it as much as I can, walking through it is enough for me, but I have seen lots of people try it. The quiet serenity of a snow run seems to be worth it.

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