Third run in a row, twice in a row

Well, third run in a row twice with a three day break in between. I don’t think this qualifies for my four runs in a row method of getting back into running. And to top it off I probably won’t be running tomorrow as I will be up somewhat late tonight with band practice. Speaking of, I just joined a band – the Carroll Raumm Orchestra. Talking to the director I found out they play for the Portland Marathon every year. Seems like I remember them, but I was probably so jazzed (no pun intended) to be running that I may have forgotten. Now I will have an excuse for not running it!

So, today’s run went pretty well. I wore my motion control shoes for the second day in a row. I had put these aside when I got my orthotics as I was supposed to run in a neutral shoe with them. My podiatrist said I could easily rotate them if I wanted (since I had just purchased a new pair of the MC shoes). I have noticed that I seem to run faster in them then my orthotics (though not these last two days). The orthotics are more comfortable, but are heavier. In addition since wearing them I have a reoccurring plantars wart on the bottom of my foot. My doctor says they sometimes pop up with new shoes as your foot might rub and the irritation can contribute to them. He said my orthotics were probably the culprit and told me about an over the counter medicine called Duofilm. The Doufilm worked (the wart came off eventually leaving a small crater on my foot) but it came back. I have gone through probably four bouts of applying the medicine. So in my foot book, they mention using common duct tape on the wart to cover it after you put wart remover on it. Apparently this is one of those common things that everyone knows. Well, not me. So I have been using the duct tape (just a small square) instead of a bandaid for a couple days now. Apparently the glue irritates the wart. Anything to do that!

I did notice some foot pain after my long run on Sunday, but not enough to discourage me from running a couple of base runs today and yesterday. There is a part of me that thinks I should head my body’s message more and just stop running. But there is a larger part that says buck up and deal with it and use the warning as incentive not to run too much. Moderation!

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