Freeze out: day three

So again today we are faced with the frozen tundra. Since this rarely happens in Portland (to this extent anyway), we don’t have the road clearing resources to deal with it. Its not that big a deal, I’d rather have libraries, but it does mean no running. Not that I would run on a salted street either. I guess the forecast calls for more snow on Thursday and freezing rain by the weekend, so it doesn’t look like I am going anywhere.

For just such occasions I found a portable stair stepper that I can use to get exercise (now that the driveway is clean anyway). You can find it on Amazon here. It is kind of cool, but a completely different exercise than running. I really feel it in my thighs and it also gives me a little pain in the knees. I don’t do it much, but I think I will jump on it today and give it a whirl. I find the darn thing to be really hard, but I do like that it has a counter. The most I have been able to do has been 1000 steps, we’ll see about today. Maybe the cold will get me moving.

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