6 miles under 10

After my faster than usual run yesterday I decided to try to run under 10 minute miles again. I took a couple of breaks but managed to run 9:52 for six miles. Not bad! I tried a couple of things from past readings about increasing your speed. The best one by far has to do with tilting your entire body forward (not bending at the waist). You feel as if you are falling forwards, but it is that momentum that pulls you along and builds up your speed. So I focussed on doing that today for several stretches.

I ran early but it was still warm, so I brought water and took sips throughout my run. I think this balance of hydration really helped keep me going. Something to more of in the near future.

I did notice my feet were getting pretty sore as I was finishing, but I was able to push through it. The last half mile was tough to keep the pace going but I did it. Good small breakthrough.

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