Run in the sun

Today I got out the door before noon so it was still a little cool, but the sun was out and it ended up being a perfect temperature. I made it a mile or so before my jacket was tied around my waist. Felt really good to run in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt! I am looking ofrward to having some sweaty runs. I know I won’t really feel that way come July, but for now I am all for it!

Today was my second run on my new Altra Repetitions. They feel great! They have quite a bit more cushion than my old Altras, but still with the zero-drop structure. I am really glad I went with these and that Altra realized that some runners need more cushioning. It’s not all about “barefoot” for some and I am glad Altra recognized that. I do feel bad I bought them through Zappos and not my local running store, but I was really concerned about the selection (their’s is a tad lacking!) The irony of the “convenience” of online shoppign was truly put to the test today when I brought two boxes of mis-sized returns to the UPS store which is right next to my running shop! I do plan to go in an buy a shirt soon, so I will give them some support there.

My pace was quite a bit faster today, did my usual 5 miles at 9:37. Looking at my stats all but one of my miles came in under 10, with the lone slow mile at 10:01, Makes me wish I had hustled up that hill a bit harder! I have actually been walking for most of the hill probably cause I am not quite used to my faster five milers. I have been really happy with the improvements I have been making. Now I just need to be consistent about actually running!

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