Less sick, more quick

A day after my surprising run I went out and did it again. I still felt a bit under the weather, but I did feel a bit better. So I did the same basic run with one exception I was five seconds faster overall, same 9:20 pace. I wasn’t really trying to go as fast I did, but once I was right on track after a couple of miles I was pushing it to keep up with the pace.

I am feeling like I have made improvements in the shorter faster runs. I still haven’t managed a long slow run in long time but I am feeling one coming. I thought about adding one in this week but I am already aver 20 miles for the week and this weekend is supposed to be drenching wet so I think I will wait until next week for that. I have also felt the pull of some speed work at the track,probably have to get some of that in as well!

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