Rubber ankles

I have rubber ankles and seem to roll them often, he bulk of my running injuries. The good thing about it is I seem to rebound pretty quickly. This afternoon I tried to run before the rain hit. I had a nice start, but a half mile into my run I stepped on a rock and felt a the sharp pain of my ankle rolling. Fortunately nothing snapped, but I did give my ankle a good pull. I hobbled to the corner and realized my run was over. I was really bummed because it looked like I was going to beat that rain and I wanted to get a run in today especially with the coming cold weather.

So I headed back to the house feeling kind of irritated with myself. As I rounded the corner past the park I noticed my ankle felt a lot better. I think the cold air on my bare ankles (still wearing my summer ankle socks) kept the swelling down. I tested out a short run and just kept going. Back through the park and on with the original 5 mile route. I kept my pace down and concentrated on my foot strike. I didn’t feel any pain until I went up a particularly long steep uphill and I could really feel the lack of strength in the offending ankle.

I am of course doing the best for it RICE – rest, ice, compression, elevation. I also took three acetaminophen and strapped on my ankle brace. I also rubbed in some arnica gel which I have been using as a liniment. I doubt it will have any effect, maybe some pain relief. I have been able to walk on it but I am moving slowly. Tonight more ice and elevation during the Blazer game, who should commiserate with me.

I am curious to see how this change of running regime affects my injury level, so far not so well…

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