9:22 (need I say more)

I guess I could seeing as this is my blog and there is supposed to be more than a entry title. Today I managed to complete my 5+ mile run at a 9:22 avg. This is the fastest I have run my regular route this year, feels pretty darn good. I have been so happy with my running these last several weeks, its pretty encouraging, now to make the tight red shirt look a little better. So far it does fine under my jacket, but today I had to tie the jacket round my waist. Not really a pretty sight! I don’t know that I’ll ever actually get to “pretty” but 15-20 pounds from where I am right now will look a lot better! For me the extra weight I am carrying around makes my speed increase even more impressive (to me). It certainly has been an encouragement.

I am thinking the next challenge I face will be increasing my mileage a bit. The five milers are feeling somewhat easy. Perhaps I should get back to doing a longer lower run like I used to do quite regularly. It would certainly help me increase my miles in terms of a weekly running amount and it could allow me to gracefully and purposely break the string of sub 10s before I do it myself on an exhausted run.

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