Longest run of the year

Yesterday I did a 12+ mile run. It started out to be a base run of around 6.5 and ended up quite a bit longer. The sun was out yesterday and I think that inspired me. Plus I had a break from work and considering that I probably won’t have another significant break coming up work-wise I though I had better take advantage of the time. Not to mention I am trying to increase my mileage in prep for another shot at a full marathon this summer. Oh and I had my water bottle with me in an effort to get used to wearing the belt again, so there was another reason to keep going.

When I was psyching myself up for a run yesterday I was a little concerned about just having taken my rebif. I wondered what sort of effect that might have on me and my running. Once I started I immediately forgot that was even a consideration. So I would have to say as far as the run itself went it was not a factor. I noticed nothing different. The tylenol and advil I took for the shot may have helped any soreness but I noticed nothing (result of completely forgetting about the shot?). After the run I was really tired but I don’t think that had anything to do with the rebif and more to do with the effort (considering my current fitness level) I exerted to run that far. Today I am somewhat sore and really, really tired. I also didn’t sleep so well last night (actually several nights in a row now). So could easily be a combination of the factors rather than having anything to do with the injection. No site reaction to speak of before or after the run.

So the run itself was really interesting. I felt really good for the first 8 miles or so and then after that I still maintained a pretty good energy level. At about that point I started heading into a stiff wind and really slowed down, 11+ min mile. Creeping! I had one somewhat scary moment toward the end of the run when I made a sudden turn and felt a twinge in my left knee, but it seems fine today so I don’t think it was serious at all. I managed to keep my heart rate pretty low throughout. I was aiming for my 70% threshold (144 BPM) and I did a good job for the first 6-7 miles, then it got a bit out control. I ended up averaging 150 for the run, considering how tough the run was I thought that was pretty good. I also think the low HR initially kept me going throughout. I employed a breathing pattern of 2-3 in and 4-5 out. It was hard to maintain at times, but it really helped both to lower my HR if I had just exerted myself and to maintain a slow steady HR. The most typical pattern was 2 in and 5 out. When I breathed out I would restrict my breath in order to slow down my exhale, almost like whistling, but without the sound.

So my plans are to slowly increase my weekly miles and to start up with the quality runs (LSDs, speed work at the track and hills) as well as incorporating less junk runs and more recovery runs under 70%. I’d like to start developing some good training habits before I dive in to the marathon prep. I am going to try to get a recovery run in today after a meeting I have this morning, but I might just blow it off and take it easy today, we’ll see. It feels really good to have done a long run. Makes me feel like I can get going again with the training. Whoo hoo!

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  1. KB says:

    How’d you start..
    – I have MS and I am sitting here.. able to run.. decently in shape. and selfishly feeling a bit sorry for myself and the rebif I have (need/choose) to take tonight.
    I ran across your blog and decided to run ..Day one, tomorow. Any advice?

  2. besaroboy says:

    Hey KB, that is awesome you started to run. I probably have tons of advice, but the most important thing is just keep going! I don’t mean run till you drop, but instead don’t give up. What might be really tough today, and hard tomorrow, and painful the next day eventually gets easier. My advice for starting out is an old trick of mine for when I restart running. Try going for a run for four days in a row. You’ll condition your body for the exertion. By the end of the four days, take a break and consider yourself a runner!

    Running for me is always a changing landscape. I’ll go into training mode and find myself improving or getting into better shape. The runs start coming easily at that point. But then I’ll get an injury or sick and I’ll lose all that conditioning (not ALL of it, but enough to feel like I am starting over again.) So then I have to begin the fitness build up again. So I always feel like I am riding a wave of conditioning!

    I have found running with ms to be something I can do. It makes me feel really good that you are getting into it after reading my blog. You can totally do it! I would love to hear more about your running as time goes by. Here is a book recommendation for you: Chi Running http://www.amazon.com/ChiRunning-Revolutionary-Approach-Effortless-Injury-Free/dp/1416549447/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1297119581&sr=8-1 I have modeled a lot of my own personal running style on this book, it is great! Can’t recommend it enough.

    Go for it KB, I want to hear all about it so shoot me an email if you want marco@hiredhandmedia.com

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