Back running again

So after a week of being sick and a week of being generally busy (and still recuperating) I have gotten my stride back. Or I should say I have gone running 3 out of the last 5 days. The funny thing is that on the first day I thought to myself don’t worry about your pace, just get out there and run … which I did … and then a couple miles in I looked at my watch and I was cookin’ along at a 9:10 pace. I was really surprised and I decided well if I have gotten this far, I might as well keep going and I ended up with a 9:19 avg pace for the five + miles I did. It felt great and I was really happy about it and then the soreness kicked in and I need two days off before I could make myself run again. Yesterday and today were both under 9:30 and I felt fine after so I feel like I didn’t do too much damage to my fitness level with the break.

The runs have all felt strong throughout though I have felt a little more exhausted in the evenings than I would like especially when I have other things to do. The rehearsals after a run are especially difficult, but even having to do something other than be lazy at home can be a bit taxing. Still I remind myself that I am doing much better than a lot of folks out there with ms and I get by on the gratitude. Tonight’s extra-curricular activity involves going to a business association meeting which I can do tonight because big band rehearsal was cancelled. The only problem is I am not sure what time or place it is being held at. We’ll see how it goes!

I have been experiencing a weird ms symptom (I think) lately in my thigh. Essentially the large muscle in my left thigh has been experiencing some pain. I have read that msers often experience odd pains, sometimes this comes in the form of a burning that only occurs on the surface of the body. This is what I seem to be feeling in my right thigh. It comes and goes and doesn’t seem to be universally associated with running, though sometimes it does and the extra soreness from running adds to the weird feeling. A couple of times I also felt a numbness in the area, sort of feels like my thigh is asleep. This sounds like a common complaint that others have had and it isn’t too bad yet so I think I will just keep an eye on it.

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